Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ITSSD Dedicated to Discerning Beneficial from Harmful Government Policies & Proscriptions

This is the authentic ITSSD Journal, the only group of internet blogs authorized to operate under the auspices of the Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development, Inc., Princeton, NJ USA.

The ITSSD Journals are committed to educating government regulators, private and public policymakers, business operators and the lay public around the world about the indispensable importance to regional, national and local economic growth, scientific and technological discovery and innovation, individual creativity and productivity and sustainable human development, of:

1) Formulating, adopting and enforcing objective, benchmarked science & economics-grounded RULE OF LAW-based legislative, regulatory and standardization frameworks;

2) Ensuring the availability, nationally, regionally and globally, of adequate, reasonable, inclusive and transparent 'due process of law' procedural standards and mechanisms;

3) Holding regional, national and local governments publicly accountable, such that, they are always reminded from where their power, legitimacy and charter to operate derives - Government ‘OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE’; and

4) Recognizing, respecting and protecting (holding inviolable) the natural rights of individuals, including the exclusive 'negative' private property rights of domestic and foreign investors.

The ITSSD Journals are intended to trigger public awareness, discussion and critical evaluation and debate of evolving regional, national and local government policies, laws, regulations and technical standards which, though they might appear to 'protect the public interest', are nothing more than new hidden forms intended to exploit and usurp the public interest by means of taxation, costly and opaque regulatory and standards mandates, and procedural controls that impose limitations over the economic and political lives of individuals.

The ITSSD and its Advisory Board invite members of the public from around the world to write in and comment on the various articles and subject matters addressed in these ITSSD Journals. Only by conscientiously and vigorously participating in open and transparent public debates may the peoples of the world ever hope to avoid the onset of 'IGNORANCE, APATHY and BAD IDEAS' that results in the adoption of counterproductive and even harmful governmental policies that impair the realization of economic and political freedom.